Steps You Can Take To Encourage Your Teen Who Is Trying To Lose Weight

When some people think of weight loss, they automatically consider adults who are overweight. However, many teenagers may also struggle with their weight and want to do something about it. If your teen has set a goal to shed some pounds, it's nice if you can support him or her in this journey. Offering support is about more than just celebrating your teen's success and being encouraging if the weight loss isn't happening as quickly as he or she would like. Here are some ways that you can offer your encouragement.

Fill The House With Healthy Snacks

Some teens gain weight because they rely on unhealthy snack foods — a soda and a bag of chips after school each day, for example, can cause a teen to pack on the pounds over time. You can lend a hand to your teen's efforts by not only removing unhealthy foods from your home so they don't serve as a temptation, but also by filling the fridge and cupboard with healthy alternatives. Visit the supermarket with your teen and fill your cart with healthy things that he or she enjoys, such as fresh fruits and veggies, low-fat yogurt, nuts, and other healthy foods. This way, your teen will always have something healthy and satisfying to eat during a craving.

Join Him/Her For Workouts

If your teen is exercising in the hopes of losing weight, joining him or her for some of the workouts can show your support. Working out alone can be a challenge for some people, but the addition of a workout partner fosters accountability and can make the process more fun. Dust off your running shoes or bicycle for a jog or a bike ride, or join your teen at the local swimming pool to swim some laps. You'll not only be demonstrating your support, but your own health will benefit from this effort, too.

Invest In His/Her Efforts

Many people find success in losing weight with a financial investment in the process. If your teen doesn't have the financial situation to make this investment, consider making it for him or her. This could include buying your teen a gym membership, arranging for some personal training sessions, booking a consultation with a nutritionist, and even buying workout equipment that can be used at home, such as a treadmill and some free weights. The added support that your teen gets from you may make the difference in him or her losing weight.