Thinking Of Enlarging Your Chest? 3 Things To Know About Increasing Your Cup Size

If you are thinking about enlarging your chest size or fixing your breasts after breast cancer treatments, you need to make sure that you really know what it will be like and feel to change the size of your breasts.

#1 You Can Test Out Your Ideal Size

If you think you want to increase your cup size to a specific size, such as going from a B to a D, you can actually test it out beforehand and make sure that you like not only how it looks, but how it feels to be carrying around that extra amount of weight on your chest. The weight on your chest can affect your back muscles and your posture, so you want to make sure that you choose a size that works well for your entire body, not just your front-side.

You can test out your ideal size by using sizers. Sizers are sacks that are filled with a neoprene bead-filling. You can put these sizers into a bra that is your ideal size. Although this will not have the same effect as actually get breast implants, it should give you some idea of the weight and look of how the implants you desire will feel.

This is an important step to take because you may realize that the size you are shooting for looks too large on your frame, or you may realize that you actually are envisioning a slightly larger size than you realized.

#2 Realize That You Can Only Make Small Jumps In Sizes

Next, you need to realize that you can only make small jumps in breast size. Most surgeons are only going to agree to increase your breast size a few sizes. This is because your skin is going to stretch when the implant is put in. It is also going to suddenly add more weight to your body, and your muscles need a chance to respond to this change.

You cannot go from a B cup to a EE with a single procedure. Most surgeons will allow you to go up one or two cup sizes, although it depends upon the surgeon and your body. If you want a drastic change, realize that you may need to undergo a surgery that gets you halfway there now, and another surgery to get you all the way to your goal in a few years.

#3 Implants Will Feel Different

Finally, make sure that you realize that implants are going to feel different than your breasts do right now. How different your breasts feel will depend upon how your body is structures. If you have really small breasts and not a lot of breast tissue, your breast are going to feel more like silicone than a women with larger breast who has a lot of breast tissue. Her implants will feel a little more natural because there is more natural tissue around them. 

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