3 Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

In a perfect world, it would be easy to lose weight quickly and keep it off. Unfortunately, sustainable and safe weight loss is rarely quick. If you have a special situation where you need to lose weight quickly, there are options to meet your goals in the safest manner.

Go On A Liquid Diet

This method is ideal if you only need to lose a few pounds for a special event or you need to shed weight due to significant health reasons, such as part of a pre-operative diet. The reason this type of rapid weight loss should only be used in special circumstances is because it is unrealistic to believe going on a liquid diet will help you maintain a weight loss, especially since you will eventually return to eating solid foods. Try consuming the bulk of your meals in the form of smoothies or fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You will need to do your research to find products to mix in with your liquids or take supplements so you are consuming adequate nutrients. For example, you likely want to include a low-carbohydrate protein powder, multivitamins, fiber supplements, and amino acids.

Try A Medically-Supervised Diet

A medically-supervised diet is more appropriate for people who want to lose weight by eating solid foods with a significant calorie restriction. Although you can attempt to lose weight by eating a very low caloric diet (VLCD) on your own, it is often easier to sustain the diet when you have specific meals prepared for you or at least regular guidance. Since there is the risk of becoming nutrient deficient, continuous monitoring by a medical professional can help you determine if there are tweaks in your diet that are necessary to increase nutrients or if your blood work is showing abnormalities related to your diet. Another benefit of medically-supervised diets is you have the support to help you transition to a normal diet once you reach your goals. This can reduce the instance of significant weight gain once you begin preparing your own meals.

Consider Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss with barbaric surgery is typically rapid during the first few months or year after the procedure. This method should be reserved for people who are moderately-to-severely overweight and are at risk for serious obesity-related complications. Although there are less invasive methods, such as laparoscopic banding, these methods are falling out of favor due to higher rates of complications and lower rate of weight loss. The most popular form of bariatric surgery is the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Although the weight loss associated with most forms of bariatric surgery will be rapid in the beginning, your weight loss will slow down or stop if you are not mindful of your food intake and integrate regular exercise. You will regain the weight if you are not diligent about changing your lifestyle after surgery.

Attempting rapid weight loss should only be done in limited circumstances. If you need to lose weight quickly, it is important to select the most appropriate method for your needs and find the safest route. Contact a company like InShapeMD San Angelo to learn more.