How To Find Relief From Pain With Inguinal Hernia Repair

The downside of an inguinal hernia condition is the bulge that protrudes through your abdominal muscles. This bulge makes it hard to lift heavy objects, bend over and to cough. However, an inguinal hernia will not improve without medical intervention. After a hernia becomes large and painful, the recommended treatment is surgery. Read on to find out how to find relief from pain with inguinal hernia repair.

What Is An Outpatient Care Center?

An inguinal hernia repair is a surgical procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis. Outpatient or ambulatory care is medical treatment that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. It is carried out in a hospital, medical office or outpatient surgery center. This surgery usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes and you can go home the same day.  

What Causes Inguinal Hernia?

This condition is usually caused by pressure in the abdominal area. An inguinal hernia occurs when someone is overweight, from coughing, straining or from a lot of lifting. Your occupation can play a big role in someone getting this condition. It is common to see inguinal hernia in athletes, nurses and house movers. This condition is not dangerous, but can be uncomfortable without treatment.

How Is The Procedure Done?

This repair can be done as a laparoscopic or open surgery. You can discuss with your surgeon about the right procedure for your situation. The open surgery is done by making a cut near your groin. Your surgeon will with remove your hernia sac or pus it back into your abdominal wall.

A hernia causes part of your intestines to come out through a weak spot in your abdominal muscles. It makes your abdominal muscles weak. This results in your surgeon repairing these muscles by closing them off with stitches.  

Laparoscopic Surgery Is An Option

Laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive surgery. It consists of making several cuts into your stomach. A surgical instrument and camera is inserted through one of the cuts. The camera allows your surgeon to see inside of your stomach. Your surgeon will make the repairs through these cuts. Repairing your hernia means either removing it, tying your hernia off or pushing it back in place.

Many people work in occupations that requires them to constantly move. If your body has limitations, then it is going to be hard to carry out your duties. When an inguinal hernia affects your quality of life, it is time to schedule a doctor's appointment.