Convenience Store Merchandising: Boosting Sales With Seasonal Goods

When it comes to running a convenience store, you want to make sure that you carry the products that truly add convenience to your customers' lives. This can mean listening to them when they ask about a certain product, and it can also mean carrying seasonal items that might be needed at the last minute. Here are some ways you can boost your store's sales with seasonal merchandise.

Examine Your Inventory

You'll first want to take a look at your current inventory levels to determine which merchandise you might need to order from your suppliers. For example, as spring weather approaches, you may want to consider purchasing umbrellas, ponchos, and other wet weather accessories. Even if you already have some of these items in your inventory, you'll want to stock up so you have enough to meet customer demands during storms. Consider making a list of possible seasonal displays, and use the list to inform your inventory orders,

Identify Floor Space

Ideally, you want your seasonal merchandise in a highly visible location that's still close to your registers. To make this happen, you may need to shift some of your inventory around. You can use an end cap by the registers for holiday cookies, summer grilling accessories, and other seasonal merchandise. For umbrellas, ice scrapers, and other weather-related items, consider adding a new display at the front of the store. Drivers will be able to see that you have these items when they pull up, and they can grab what they need the second they step in the door. If you are planning on selling perishable seasonal items, be sure to identify space in your refrigerators for a seasonal display as well.

Promote Your Items

Customers may not be tempted to purchase seasonal goods if they don't know you offer them. Have signs printed for the windows in the front of your convenience store, and come up with a signing strategy for your store shelves. You may even want to offer promotional prices on the sale items to help your store stay competitive with big box retailers. Work with your vendors and suppliers to see if there are any promotions, such as rebates or sweepstakes, that you can advertise for specific items. In some cases, the vendors will have signage and promotional material available. You can then use this free signage to help make your seasonal displays more compelling for customers.

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