Tips For Adjusting To Your New Wheelchair

Whether due to injury or illness, finding out that you're going to be wheelchair-bound is difficult. There are so many things affected when you transition to life in a wheelchair, and it can be difficult to know where to start as you try to adjust. Before you find yourself overwhelmed by the change, here are a few tips that can help make it easier:

Choose Your Chair Carefully

The first thing you'll have to do when you get the doctor's order is to pick out a chair. This is perhaps the most important part of the process, too. After all, if you aren't comfortable in your chair, it's going to make the whole adjustment much harder.

Make sure you clearly define your budget, then look at all of the chair options that are within your price range. By looking at many different styles and designs, you'll have the chance to find the one that is most comfortable for your body structure and the support that you need. Comfort is essential because it's where you're going to be spending a lot of time.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready

It will be very difficult for you to settle into your home with the wheelchair if you don't take the time to make your house accessible. You'll need to be sure that your furniture is moved to allow sufficient pathways for easy navigation around the house. Add ramps and sliding doors anywhere you can. Remember that you'll be facing a lot of challenges when you are out in town, so make sure that your home is a safe space where you don't have to worry about obstructions and challenges.

You'll also need to adapt your bathroom so that you can get in and out without complication. A wheelchair-accessible shower and toilet plus a low, roll-under counter will help you maintain your independence while still sticking with the physical limitations that you have.

Don't Expect It To Happen Overnight

It's common to think that shifting into life with a wheelchair is going to be quick and easy, so many people find themselves frustrated when the transition takes longer to get used to than they expected. Things take longer to do while you're getting used to the chair, so you need to learn to slow down and allow yourself some time and some leniency while you're settling in. Focus on the small successes and progress, not the struggles.

Contact a company that stocks wheelchairs for more information and assistance.