Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is very serious, and it is not uncommon for patients to be very nervous prior to their surgery. Most people do not know a lot about brain surgery, so they don't know what to expect as they recover. Continue reading to learn more about common things that patients experience as they recover from brain surgery:

Recovery Can Take a Long Time

If you need to have brain surgery in the near future, it is important to realize that the recovery can take a long time. The brain is incredibly complex, so it is not surprising that an operation can take a long time to recover from. Try not to get frustrated or upset as you heal since completely healing from a brain surgery can take many months.

Rest is Needed

After your surgery is over and you come out of anesthesia, you will most likely be heavily medicated and the medication will make you very tired and sleepy. Don't fight against the medication and try to stay awake. The best thing that you can do after brain surgery is rest and sleep as much as possible so your body can begin to heal.

Experiencing Confusion is Normal

In the days and weeks after brain surgery, it is not uncommon to have a short attention span and experience confusion throughout the day. You may have difficulty watching a television show or movie and it can be difficult to follow the plot of a book. In most cases, experiencing this state of confusion goes away as your brain heals.

Stay on Top of Pain

Your recovery from brain surgery can be very uncomfortable and painful if you do not stay on top of your pain. Intense headaches can come and go while you are recovering. The best thing you can do is take your pain medication exactly how it is prescribed in order to keep the pain at bay.

Nerve Regrowth

Brain surgery requires a brain surgeon to cut through a lot of nerves and tissue. Those nerves can take a long time to regrow and regenerate. In the months following your brain surgery, you may notice that the nerves in your head are extremely sensitive. It is also possible to feel tingling or strange feelings across your scalp due to nerve regeneration. These feelings will eventually go away after the nerves completely regrow and are totally healed from surgery. 

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