Play Ball! How To Keep Your Child Safe While They Play Softball

If your child is going to be playing softball this year, it's time to get ready with the safety precautions. Softball is a relatively safe game, but injuries can still occur, especially if your child is not prepared. Most leagues have specific safety guidelines that your child will need to follow. However, there are other safety features that you should implement on your own. Here are four safety precautions you should take now that your child will be playing softball.

Start with a Physical

If you've decided to get your child involved in sports, it's important that the season start with a physical. Most leagues require a basic sports physical. However, to make sure that your child is healthy and that they're not suffering from any hidden medical issues that could jeopardize their health, it's crucial that you schedule a full physical with their pediatrician. This is particularly important if it's been a while since your child has had a physical.

Choose the Right Shoes

Now that your child is going to be playing softball, you'll need to get them the proper shoes. While there are some sports that require metal cleats, your child's softball spikes should be made from plastic instead, especially if you're dealing with younger players. Metal cleats can cause serious injuries and should be avoided when your child is starting out in the game.

Invest in Sliding Pads

At some point in the game, your child is going to come sliding into a base. When that happens, you'll want them to be protected from slide burns, cuts, and scrapes. The best way to do that is to invest in slide pads and pants. These slide pads and pants are worn under their uniform and are designed to protect your child's skin when they slide.

Insist on Safety Gear

Your child's softball league will require that they wear helmets when they're at bat. However, there's other safety gear that your child should wear as well. That safety gear includes a mouth guard, shin and foot guards, and batting gloves. If your child is going to play infield, you should consider adding a face guard to the list of required gear. Also, if your boy is going to be playing softball, be sure to invest in an athletic cup. This will protect against serious groin injuries.

If your child has decided to play softball, use the tips provided here to help keep them safe while they're at play.