Benefits Of Having A Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test

Suffering from erectile dysfunction, whether it's something that has affected you just a couple of times or has perhaps become the norm, can be highly frustrating. One of the challenges of having erectile dysfunction is that there are a number of possible causes, which can make it difficult for you to determine what changes you may need to make to address this problem. Fortunately, your doctor can be a valuable resource to turn to. One strategy that your doctor may discuss is having you take part in a nocturnal penile tumescence test. This test involves placing sensors on your penis that will determine whether you achieve an erection while you sleep. Many men get erections throughout the night but may not be aware of it. Here are some benefits of having this test.

It May Provide Peace Of Mind

When you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it's often either a physical issue or a mental one. For example, you might simply have trouble achieving and/or sustaining an erection because you're stressed. In such a scenario, you may worry that something is physically wrong with you and not realize that the problem is only in your head. Should your nocturnal penile tumescence test go well — meaning that you achieve an erection while you sleep — you'll gain the peace of mind of knowing that nothing is physically wrong.

It's Not Invasive

Many men aren't fond of visiting the doctor and may be even less keen on an appointment when their penis is the topic of conversation. When you have erectile dysfunction, you may worry about how the doctor will assess this issue. For example, a doctor may want to check your prostate to determine if it's in good health. A big benefit of a nocturnal penile tumescence test is that it isn't invasive. All you need to do is wear the sensors on your body while you sleep, which shouldn't be a concern.

It Can Satisfy Your Partner

Having erectile dysfunction can put a strain on your relationship. Your partner may be just as frustrated about this issue as you are but may be irritated if it doesn't seem as though you're hastily looking for a solution. Arranging to have a nocturnal penile tumescence test shows your partner that you're working toward narrowing down the cause of your erectile dysfunction, which can be important. If you feel stressed because of the rift between you and your partner, you certainly won't be helping your situation.