Three Permanent Makeup Ideas To Consider

If you've heard about the process of getting permanent makeup then your next step may be to visit a local medical spa to check out permanent makeup for yourself. Your spa attendant can discuss the ins and outs of this procedure, which involves placing tiny amounts of ink under the surface of your skin in a manner that shares some similarities with tattooing. There are all sorts of permanent makeup ideas for you to consider. Here are some popular options.


There are many reasons that people choose permanent makeup to give their eyebrows the color and shape that they desire. If your eyebrows are naturally thin but you favor the look of thicker eyebrows, it can be necessary to apply a lot of makeup to this part of your face to get your desired look. Similarly, if your eyebrows are very light but you want them to stand out a little more, the application of lots of makeup may be necessary. Your spa attendant can use the right color of ink to give you the eyebrow look you want, as well as give you the shaping that appeals to you.


It's also popular for people to get permanent makeup on their eyelids as an alternative to wearing traditional eyeliner makeup. Many people wear eyeliner; even if you don't put a lot of makeup on when you run errands or go to the gym, for example, you may still wear some eyeliner. Given that you may seldom leave the house without this makeup, it can make sense to get permanent makeup on this part of your face as an alternative to applying actual makeup daily. You'll be able to choose a dark hue that will accentuate your eyes, and you always have the option of adding more eyeliner yourself if you want a certain look for a special occasion.


Another option to consider is permanent makeup applied to your lips as a way of changing their appearance. While you can go with a bright, bold color that can serve as an alternative to you wearing lipstick when you go out, another option is a hue that will simply give a bit more color to your lips. In this scenario, you'd still have the choice of applying your preferred type of lipstick when desired, but you'll find that your lips look brighter at times that you choose not to wear lipstick. Contact your local medical spa to learn more.