4 Signs It’s Time To Seek Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is considered one of the worst pains to experience. It can be caused by arthritis, pinched nerves, or long-term neck tension. If neck pain becomes chronic, it can have several effects on your quality of life and hinder you from doing everyday tasks, including sleeping.

When neck pain becomes chronic, it's usually because the neck has suffered an injury or trauma which irritated one or more discs in the neck. Another common trait of neck pain is when there's a previous neck condition like arthritis, osteoporosis (a disease in which the bones become brittle and weak), and spinal stenosis, a painful neck condition where the nerves or spinal cord in your neck compress.

But how do you know if your neck pain has reached the point where you need to seek neck pain treatment? Here are four signs that will answer your questions:

1. You Experience Pain Shooting Down Your Shoulder and Arm

One of the worst parts of neck pain is if it starts shooting down your arm. Neuropathy causes pain to shoot down your neck and arm when you turn a certain way. This is a sign that the pain may be caused by nerve damage and needs to be treated immediately.

2. You Experience Neck Pain the Minute You Wake Up

This is one of the worst symptoms that can indicate that something is wrong with your neck, and you should seek out neck pain treatment immediately. When neck pain wakes you up, it is often referred to as neck stiffness. It can be caused by arthritis or neck tension that formed the night before.

3. You Have Neck Pain That Doesn't Go Away

When the neck pain that you feel is chronic and won't go away, it's time to seek medical treatment. Chronic neck pain can cause other problems in your neck if it is not treated, including nerve damage. This should never be ignored.

4. Neck Pain Has Worsened

If neck pain worsens with time, it could be the result of a neck injury. Symptoms of neck injury include stiffness, muscle spasms, warmth in the neck area, dull aching, and other symptoms that may vary depending on the causes of neck pain. If you experience increased neck pain or discomfort, speak to your family doctor or visit an urgent care center.

The Bottom Line

Neck pain can be a problem because it causes chronic neck tension if untreated for too long. If any of the above symptoms persists, you should consider seeking treatment from a neck pain specialist.