Pertussis: What Every New Parent Should Know

More commonly known as whooping cough, pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial infection that can effect people of any age, but causes particularly dangerous symptoms in infants. The disease gets its name from the high-pitched cough that infected children experience. Because pertussis can cause choking and suffocation by causing a mucous plug to form in the throat, it can become life-threatening. As a parent, knowing the basics about whooping cough will help protect your child from this disease and seek the proper treatment if he or she does become infected. Read More 

Weight Loss Surgery And Hypothyroidism

Suffering with thyroid problems is very common, but may leave you with weight issues. The American Thyroid Association reports that approximately 20 million people suffer from some type of thyroid dysfunction, and hypothyroidism is one of the problems. If you suffer from this and are having trouble losing weight, you may want to read more or seek help from a weight loss clinic. What Is Hypothyroidism? If you have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, or if you believe you have it, you may not completely understand what it is. Read More 

3 Unfounded Fears You Might Have About Cataract Laser Surgery

Cataracts can distort your vision and make your eyes more sensitive to light, which makes it difficult to read, drive, or watch television. Luckily, you can alleviate most -- or even all -- of your cataract symptoms with laser surgery. That option might not seem like a great idea, though, if the thought of having the surgery done terrifies you. Put your mind at ease by debunking the three myths about cataract laser surgery listed below. Read More 

How To Get Sober–And Stay Sober–This New Year

If you have a chemical dependency problem, you have probably attempted to get clean and sober any number of times. With relapse rates for drug and alcohol treatment ranging from 50-90%, you are genuinely facing a difficult problem. However, the problem is not insurmountable, to which millions of recovering addicts and alcoholics can attest. With a new year approaching and resolve for a new attempt at sobriety running high, how can you get--and stay--clean this year once and for all? Read More 

Chronic Ear Infections: What Are Your Options?

Ear infections are painful, messy, and for many patients, chronic. If you suffer from an ear infection that won't stop or you develop new infections quickly after getting rid of the old ones, you may suffer from chronic ear infections. Treatment for chronic infections ranges from the medical to the surgical, so it's important to know everything you can about your condition and your options. Chronic Ear Infection Causes And Symptoms Read More