4 Things A Genetic Testing Company Can Tell You

When it comes to your past, as well as your heritage and ancestors, there is probably much that you wish to know. As a result of the incredible leaps and bounds made in DNA examination and sciences, genetic testing can tell you a great deal about both your history and even your present and future. Genetic testing companies, such as Courtagen Life Sciences, work to perform tests on your DNA, telling you the results of your genetic makeup and things about yourself in general. What sort of things, however? This brief article will serve to tell you what things they can answer.

Family Tree

For the mere price of $100 or so, a genetic testing company can tell you a lot about your past and, not just your own past, but a quite thorough reading of your relations with other individuals, dating years upon years back. Various genetic testing companies can offer you the chance to test your own DNA makeup with those of others that they have on file and many can even alert you when someone else submits their DNA configuration that matches yours to some degree (usually pointing to some form of genetic relation). In addition to this, a genetic testing company can tell you much about your ethnic and national background. DNA tests that can be bought over the internet will include a chart showing you what percentage of your genome comes from what areas of the world, giving you a clearer picture of your genetic ethnicity.  


While most people don't necessarily have ancient secrets that they need to have solved, you never know! For example, the remains of Richard III were recently found in a parking lot in Leicester. Although the genetic testing company that performed tests on him were able to detect a litany of diseases and the like, there was not absolute certainty until his DNA was compared against that of one of the former king's descendants. Genetic testing can even solve mysteries you didn't know existed. Just think, you could be related to someone of historical importance—perhaps even a British king!

Pet Answers

Genetic testing can not only be done on humans, but it can be done for pets as well. Your dog can't tell you his or her pedigree. He or she can't bark out the answer of from where he or she inherited her curly tail or short legs, but a genetic test can. By sending in a DNA sample of your pet to a genetic testing company, you can find out the answers to all of the pressing questions regarding your pet, such as, "Is my dog a purebred pooch?" or, "What sort of diseases is my pet susceptible to?"

Weight Related Issues

If you have weight related issues, realize that maybe that a good portion of your issue might have little to do with impulse control or a lack of exercise. Rather, the problem might have a lot to do with how your DNA is encoded.  Scientists have proven that there are certain gene configurations that will predispose you and your children towards obesity. In fact, the majority of one's issues with weight is linked to the notion of a DNA encoding issue. Your DNA determines anywhere from 25%-80% of your predisposition to be overweight, and knowing how predisposed you are to extra weight can change your exercise or eating habits.

Genetic testing companies are a great way for you to figure out certain things about yourself, your past, your pet, and even your eating habits. They usually charge very little for you to learn a lot about yourself. If you are curious about any of the above listed things, you should contact a genetic testing company and get your very own DNA analysis.