3 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Doctor’s Prescribed Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Working with your doctor to correct the erectile dysfunction you're experiencing is the most effective way to ensure that your needs are met and that you get the results you want. But there are several things you can do to enhance your doctor's treatments and optimize your overall results over time. Consider using the following tips and tricks:

Take Time to Walk Regularly

Believe it or not, walking and erectile dysfunction are linked to one another in a number of ways. By taking the time to walk for exercise on a regular basis in addition to utilizing the treatments your doctor prescribes, you may be able to overcome your erectile dysfunction problems by:

  • Improving blood flow.
  • Lowering blood pressure so arteries near the penis can dilate more efficiently.
  • Decreasing blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes, as well as complications derived from it, such as erectile dysfunction.
  • Making it easier to maintain a healthy weight for minimized risk of obesity, and therefore erectile dysfunction.

Get optimal benefits from walking by taking the time to stroll every day of the week if possible. Consider walking around the neighborhood with your family every evening, power walking around town during lunchtime on workdays, or exploring your favorite local parks and hiking trails as often as possible.

Make Use of Essential Oils

Utilizing essential oils for massages, in baths, and in diffusers at home is an excellent way to enhance the erectile dysfunction treatments you've received from your doctor. They help to soothe the mind and drain tension from the body for better blood flow, improved cellular health, and decreased inflammation. Try using one or more of the following ideas a few times a week:

  • Use a mixture of basil and sandalwood essential oils to massage your torso and thighs with.
  • Pour a little cedarwood and ginger essential oils in your bathtub water.
  • Diffuse rose essential oil throughout the house for a pleasant smell and enhanced arousal.

In addition to utilizing these in-home ideas, consider carrying a couple small containers of essential oils in your vehicle so you can rub them on our temples when times are feeling a bit unmanageable. This will help you maintain even and healthy blood flow throughout the day.

Reduce Your Meat Consumption

Diets that are heavy in animal products, especially high-fat meats, do a lot of arterial damage to the body, which can quickly result in problems like erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Because of this, it's a good idea to limit your meat intake throughout the week by replacing your beef, chicken, and pork with plant-based proteins throughout the week. You can accomplish this by reducing your meat intake and increasing your plant protein consumption at every meal, or by making several meals a week completely plant-based. Strive to make at least one daily meal using just plants! Here are a few ways you can easily make it happen:

  1. Enjoy fruit smoothies and whole-grain peanut butter toast for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs. You'll fill up thanks to the fiber in the smoothie and whole-grain bread, and you'll stay full until lunch thanks to the healthy fats and protein in the peanut butter.
  2. Replace meat-based sandwiches with hummus wraps or bean tacos for lunch. They're packed with protein and will make your taste buds sing.
  3. Swap out chicken, beef, or pork for stir-fried tofu, barbecue seitan, or roasted tempeh at dinner time. The new tastes, flavors, and textures will help expand your palate.
  4. Eat pasta with sauces that feature mushrooms, olives, or even premade faux sausage instead of using ground beef or pork sausage. You'll enjoy lots of texture with less artery-clogging fat.
  5. Concoct new veggie soups, stews, and casseroles to eat in place of meat-heavy dishes throughout the week. They'll satisfy your cravings and keep you light on your feet.

Make it a point to try something new at least three times a week until you get used to enjoying predominantly plant-based meals. You should then be able to incorporate plant-based dishes into your meal plans several times a week without feeling like you're missing out on flavors or textures you love. 

Contact a doctor to learn more about erectile dysfunction treatments.