Custom Orthotics May Help Your Foot Pain By Offering Support And Padding Where Needed

Custom orthotics can be a big help when you have a foot problem that causes chronic pain or that makes it difficult to find shoes that fit. Orthotics can be made in different shapes and styles to target the type of support you need most. Here's how they are made and why they are so beneficial.

Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Store-Bought

Orthotics are similar to shoe inserts. You can buy shoe inserts at many stores, and they can help if you have minor foot problems or if you just want padding to make your shoes more comfortable. If you have a foot condition such as fallen arches or a gait problem such as a foot roll that causes your shoes to wear down on the outside or inside, then custom orthotics are a better choice since they are made for you after a podiatrist examines your feet. This ensures the insert offers the padding and support you need and avoids the problem of the insert making your condition worse.

How Custom Orthotics Are Made

Custom orthotics are made in a lab. Your podiatrist makes a cast of your feet to be used as a mold when the orthotic inserts are made. This is done by pressing your feet into plaster, so the shape of your feet is captured. Then, the podiatrist sends the mold to the lab along with instructions for designing the inserts. This includes information on where to add padding and where to add stiff support. The result is a pair of custom orthotic inserts that correct your specific foot problem so you can get relief from your foot pain.

Why Custom Orthotics Are Beneficial

Custom orthotics can correct many different problems. They can be used permanently for a condition such as one leg being slightly shorter than the other, or for a gait abnormality. Orthotics can bring your posture into proper balance when you stand and walk, so there is less strain on your feet, legs, hips, and back.

The right orthotics can relieve lower back pain and hip pain in some instances. Also, they are useful for treating foot conditions such as tendonitis, fallen arches, and fasciitis. They can lift your heel slightly to reduce stretching that causes pain or provide strong support to the arch area of your foot. They are also helpful in conditions such as arthritis or diabetes where you need extra cushioning to help with foot pain.

Not all types of foot pain need custom orthotics, but they are beneficial for many conditions. If you have chronic foot pain or lower back pain, you should have your feet examined by a podiatrist. After studying the way you walk and carry weight on your feet, the podiatrist can tell if custom orthotics will help your condition.

For more information, contact your local custom orthotic services.