Social Anxiety Disorder: How To Handle Root Canal Treatment

If you have social anxiety disorder, many aspects of life are challenging. You may fear being the center of attention and interacting with other people. You may also suffer anticipatory anxiety, which means that you become anxious about a situation far in advance. Root canal therapy involves both being the center of attention and interacting with your dentist and the other technicians. Further, anticipatory anxiety may have you suffering long before you ever walk in the office for your appointment. Read More 

The Dos & Don’ts of Treating Poison Ivy Rashes

If you spent some time outside and came in with a poison ivy rash, you're probably uncomfortable, itchy, and a bit embarrassed to be seen in public. As long as the poison ivy rash is not covering the majority of your body and is not present on very sensitive parts such as your eyelids or genitals, you should be able to at least start by treating the rash at home. Follow these dos and don'ts as you treat your rash. Read More 

Your Child & Febrile Seizures: What They Are & What to Do if Your Child Has One

From sniffles and sneezes to complaints of sore throats and aches, as a parent, you're prepared to handle your child's cold or flu symptoms. However, if your infant or preschooler is fighting a high fever, there is one rare occurrence you might not have been prepared for: a febrile seizure. Although rare, febrile seizures are still a possibility, and chances are they will take you by surprise. Here is some important information about febrile seizures, including what to watch for and what to do during and after the seizure: Read More 

You’re So Varicose Vein: 3 Unexpected Pregnancy Problems

While being pregnant is a joyful time, it can also wreak havoc on your body -- often in very unexpected ways. You may, for example, experience such surprising problems as trigger finger, varicose veins and pica. If you're a mom-to-be experiencing these problems, you probably have many questions, including why is this happening to you and what your treatment options may be.  Trigger Finger More than likely, you've heard the term " Read More 

The Importance Of Seeding Of Your Baby’s Microbiome At Birth

The birth of a new baby is a wonderful process. Everyone waits with bated breath for the new arrival. While many are focused on the labor and delivery process, there is another process, which begins prior to birth and continues after the baby is born, that is just as important as the birth. This is the process of the seeding of the baby's microbiome. Understanding what this is, and how to maximize the seeding process, may have major health implications in your child's future. Read More