Helping Your Child With Disabilities Through Life

Children with developmental disabilities have it rough. They need more money and care to support them, and when parents simply do not have the funds, it becomes a monumental burden. If you have recently been told that your child has a disabling condition, you may feel quite overwhelmed, especially when it comes to their physical, emotional and mental health needs. There are long term Medicaid  services in every state that can help. Read More 

Can You Get Dental Implants With Bone Loss?

Dental implants are a great way of replacing teeth that have been lost, but sometimes patients worry that they're not a good fit for them. You may have heard that if you have experienced bone loss in your jaw, won't be able to get dental implants. The good news is that even with bone loss, you still have options that can allow you to get dental implants. Here are three possible steps your dentist may take to help you get the implants you want. Read More 

3 Consequences of Exposing Your Eyes to UV Rays

Sunglasses are sometimes seen as a fashion statement, but they're so much more than that. Good-quality sunglasses made to block UV rays protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. If you don't make a habit of donning your shades when you head out into the sun, your eyes will suffer in the long run. Specifically, here are three eye conditions that can result from excess exposure to UV rays. Read More 

Shining A Light On The Green-Eyed Monster: Jealousy And How To Make It Go Away

Jealousy is often referred to as the "green-eyed monster." While short flashes of jealousy are normal emotional responses to other things people do, say, and have, jealousy can quickly turn into something very ugly, bordering on major psychiatric illness. If you feel like jealousy is getting the better of you, maybe you need jealousy therapy. It may just be cognitive therapy, but it is very effective at pulling you back from the brink of doing something awful or unpleasant. Read More 

Why It’s Important For You To Have A Family Dentist

When your oral health becomes compromised, your overall health is endangered as well. So if you have gum disease and lack other dental care, this could impact your body and promote a stroke, heart disease, or diabetes. Effective treatment in the form of comprehensive dental care is necessary to reverse any aftermaths you may have suffered. Your family dentist will ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy. Regular Dental Visits Detect Signs Of Diseases Read More