Find A Stair Chair Lift That Meets Your And Your Partner’s Needs At An Independent Installer’s Store

Many people who stay in their homes when they're elderly eventually need a stair chair lift. For couples that grow old together in their own house, finding the right stair chair lift can be difficult if each person has different needs. If you and your significant other both have a hard time with stairs and want to stay in your home, a stair chair lift installer who offers lifts from several different manufacturers will be able to help you find the perfect model for both your and your partner's needs. Read More 

8 Ways To Keep Your Feet Healthy And Pain Free

Do not ever underestimate the importance of your feet. They hold all your weight when you walk, exercise and do various other activities. If your feet are overworked, they can start hurting and affect other parts of your body, including your back. Luckily, just changing some of your lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on your feet. Here are eight effective ways to keep your feet healthy and pain free: Read More 

Can Cosmetic Tourism Help You Get A Cheap Facelift?

If you're tired of looking tired, or find that no amount of high-quality makeup is enough to detract from your jowls, deep wrinkles, or other facial imperfections, you may be considering cosmetic surgery to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. However, with most insurance plans excluding cosmetic surgery from coverage or even preventing out-of-pocket funds spent on cosmetic surgery from applying toward your annual deductible, you may find that the cost of this surgery places it outside your financial reach. Read More 

Osteoporosis And Your Oral Health: Important Information About The Connection

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an estimated 75 million individuals throughout Europe, the United States and Japan are living with osteoporosis. From the increased risk of bone fracture to the chance you'll lose height, chances are your doctor has discussed several of the complications of osteoporosis with you. However, the one aspect of this condition that might be overlooked is the devastating impact it can have on your oral health. Read More 

4 Things A Genetic Testing Company Can Tell You

When it comes to your past, as well as your heritage and ancestors, there is probably much that you wish to know. As a result of the incredible leaps and bounds made in DNA examination and sciences, genetic testing can tell you a great deal about both your history and even your present and future. Genetic testing companies, such as Courtagen Life Sciences, work to perform tests on your DNA, telling you the results of your genetic makeup and things about yourself in general. Read More