Play Ball! How To Keep Your Child Safe While They Play Softball

If your child is going to be playing softball this year, it's time to get ready with the safety precautions. Softball is a relatively safe game, but injuries can still occur, especially if your child is not prepared. Most leagues have specific safety guidelines that your child will need to follow. However, there are other safety features that you should implement on your own. Here are four safety precautions you should take now that your child will be playing softball. Read More 

Custom Orthotics May Help Your Foot Pain By Offering Support And Padding Where Needed

Custom orthotics can be a big help when you have a foot problem that causes chronic pain or that makes it difficult to find shoes that fit. Orthotics can be made in different shapes and styles to target the type of support you need most. Here's how they are made and why they are so beneficial. Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Store-Bought Orthotics are similar to shoe inserts. You can buy shoe inserts at many stores, and they can help if you have minor foot problems or if you just want padding to make your shoes more comfortable. Read More 

Is Your Child Cranky After A Full Night Of Sleep? A Guide To Sleep Apnea In Children

Children often require more rest than adults, and your child's sleep needs can vary according their age, level of activity and overall health. However, you should be concerned if your child often appears tired or cranky after a full night of sleep. Unfortunately, sleep apnea affects children just as it does adults, and you can use this guide to find out if this common condition is at the root of your child's inability to feel well-rested after a good night of sleep. Read More 

When Your Hearing Aids Work Too Well: Adjusting To Loud Sounds

Getting new hearing aids can be quite exciting; you no longer have to feel embarrassed or excluded when conversing with others. While many new hearing-aid wearers worry about not being able to hear, they may find that their hearing aids hyper-correct the issue. If your hearing aids sound a little too loud, here are some possible reasons and solutions. You Just Aren't Used to Them Yet It can take many weeks or months to adjust to your hearing aids. Read More 

Don’T Fall For These Two Port Wine Stain Birthmarks

Throughout the years, many cultures have developed an assortment of myths and superstitions to explain birthmarks babies may be born with. Although medical science can offer an adequate and factual explanation for these—often cosmetic—marks, these myths still persist. Here is the truth behind two myths about port wine stains to ensure those affects receive adequate treatment for these birthmarks. Port Wine Stains are Caused by Something the Mother Ate One of the most common myths about port wine stains is the mother did something while the child was in utero to cause the birthmark to appear. Read More