Traumatic Cataract: Can Cataract Surgery Enhance Your Vision?

If your eye injury caused cataracts to form on your lenses, you may have a number of issues seeing things. A traumatic cataract is a type of cataract that develops from blunt trauma to the eye's lens. Like other forms of cataract, traumatic cataracts can eventually cause problems with your range of vision. Learn how the cataracts on your lenses disrupt your vision and how surgery can help below. What's Traumatic Cataract? Read More 

Using Hookah Accessories To Quit Smoking

Hookah smoking has become increasingly popular as an alternative way to smoke tobacco. And while it doesn't have the type of miracle benefits that some believe, it may help decrease some of the impact of smoking on the body and make quitting easier. However, it is important to find accessories that can also help to make this switch an easier and safer one for a person. Switching to Hookahs May Help Manage Some Smoking Issues Read More 

Flight Nurse Interventions For Hypotension

If your loved one needs to be transported by air ambulance to a hospital, you can feel confident that the flight nurses are well-prepared to handle just about any emergency or health condition that may develop while in the aircraft. The air ambulance company staffs highly experienced medical personal that have extensive experience handling all types of health crisis situations both on land and in the air. Here are some interventions that flight nurses can provide if your loved one develops hypotension, or low blood pressure, during the flight. Read More 

How Can You Make Dental Implant Surgery Simpler?

Nobody wants to have dental surgery. The good news is that after your surgery, you can count on your teeth to be healthier and better-looking. You will have increased function and perhaps even less dental pain. Of course, all of those things come after surgery. If you want to get those results, you need to get through the procedure first. These tips will make the process simpler. Steer Clear of Hot Food and Drinks Read More 

Benefits Of Having A Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test

Suffering from erectile dysfunction, whether it's something that has affected you just a couple of times or has perhaps become the norm, can be highly frustrating. One of the challenges of having erectile dysfunction is that there are a number of possible causes, which can make it difficult for you to determine what changes you may need to make to address this problem. Fortunately, your doctor can be a valuable resource to turn to. Read More