Can Your Child Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a great permanent solution for tooth loss, and they pretty much last a lifetime when properly cared for. But if your child recently lost a tooth, they may have to wait a while. Here's how to know whether or not dental implants are right for your child and some alternatives that will preserve that smile until the time for dental implants has arrived. How Dental Implants Work Read More 

What You Need To Know About Trapped Wind After a Colonoscopy

For many people, trapped wind is a common and unpleasant side effect following a routine colonoscopy. While the symptoms will often quickly subside, you might need help to get over this symptom. Find out how wind gets trapped in your body after a colonoscopy, and learn more about the steps you can take to ease the problem. What causes trapped air after a colonoscopy The doctor inserts a long, flexible instrument called a colonoscope through your rectum and then carefully moves the instrument around the curves of your colon. Read More 

Find A Stair Chair Lift That Meets Your And Your Partner’s Needs At An Independent Installer’s Store

Many people who stay in their homes when they're elderly eventually need a stair chair lift. For couples that grow old together in their own house, finding the right stair chair lift can be difficult if each person has different needs. If you and your significant other both have a hard time with stairs and want to stay in your home, a stair chair lift installer who offers lifts from several different manufacturers will be able to help you find the perfect model for both your and your partner's needs. Read More 

3 Sources Of Dispute For Newleyweds And How To Handle Them

So you've just got married? Congratulations! Expressing your love for your partner and making a commitment in front of your family and friends is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship. However, newlywed couples often overlook the sources of dispute that can arise early on in a marriage. To make sure you tackle these head-on, below are three common sources of tension in a new marriage and how to handle them: Read More 

Cramps, Diarrhea And Vomiting, Oh, My. When You Should Seek Medical Attention For Food Poisoning

Fast food and packaged meals have at least two things in common. They both make mealtime more convenient, and they both have been linked to widespread food poisoning cases. In 2015, alone, there have been numerous serious food poisoning outbreaks, including at:  Chipotle. At least 45 people were felled by an E. coli strain after eating at this fast-food chain, with a third of those having to be hospitalized. As of December 2015, the actual contaminated food product had not yet been identified. Read More