3 Factors Athletic Women Should Consider Before Breast Implants

Athletes spend a lot of time and energy getting their bodies physically fit and ready for competition. Athletic women may find that their muscle tone detracts from their feelings of femininity. Investing in breast implants can be a great way to achieve the curves that diet and exercise can't give you. Breast implants can pose some unique challenges for athletic women, so you must take some important factors into consideration prior to surgery to ensure your enhancement is comfortable and attractive. Read More 

3 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Important For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) will experience significant physical limitations and joint deformities due to the disease. Physical therapy should be one part of an overall strategy to limit disability associated with RA. Reduce Hand Deformities Within a matter of weeks once hand deformities occur, they can become permanent. It is important for your doctor to refer you to a physical therapist, especially one that specializes in hand therapy. Splinting is frequently used in the earlier stages of hand deformities to keep the joint mobile. Read More 

2 Reasons To Use An Alcohol Rehabilitation Program To Quit Drinking

Most people have no problems with having a drink or two on occasion, but for some people, even one drink can be one drink too many. If you have a problem with alcohol, then you may want to figure out how to stop. Stopping isn't as easy as saying you are never going to have a drink again. Alcoholism is an addiction and an illness. In order to beat it, you are going to need to have some help, such as from an alcohol rehabilitation program. Read More 

Play Ball! How To Keep Your Child Safe While They Play Softball

If your child is going to be playing softball this year, it's time to get ready with the safety precautions. Softball is a relatively safe game, but injuries can still occur, especially if your child is not prepared. Most leagues have specific safety guidelines that your child will need to follow. However, there are other safety features that you should implement on your own. Here are four safety precautions you should take now that your child will be playing softball. Read More 

Custom Orthotics May Help Your Foot Pain By Offering Support And Padding Where Needed

Custom orthotics can be a big help when you have a foot problem that causes chronic pain or that makes it difficult to find shoes that fit. Orthotics can be made in different shapes and styles to target the type of support you need most. Here's how they are made and why they are so beneficial. Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Store-Bought Orthotics are similar to shoe inserts. You can buy shoe inserts at many stores, and they can help if you have minor foot problems or if you just want padding to make your shoes more comfortable. Read More