4 Signs It’s Time To Seek Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is considered one of the worst pains to experience. It can be caused by arthritis, pinched nerves, or long-term neck tension. If neck pain becomes chronic, it can have several effects on your quality of life and hinder you from doing everyday tasks, including sleeping. When neck pain becomes chronic, it's usually because the neck has suffered an injury or trauma which irritated one or more discs in the neck. Read More 

Understanding Altitude Sickness And Treatments

Altitude sickness means unpleasant symptoms for those suffering from it. For some, altitude sickness requires medical attention. To successfully treat altitude sickness, you much first understand its causes, so you can use the appropriate treatment and know when to get medical attention. Altitude Sickness Causes Traveling is a fun activity, and sometimes necessary for work. The decreased amount of oxygen available at higher altitudes causes symptoms to develop, especially in people not used to higher elevations. Read More 

Three Permanent Makeup Ideas To Consider

If you've heard about the process of getting permanent makeup then your next step may be to visit a local medical spa to check out permanent makeup for yourself. Your spa attendant can discuss the ins and outs of this procedure, which involves placing tiny amounts of ink under the surface of your skin in a manner that shares some similarities with tattooing. There are all sorts of permanent makeup ideas for you to consider. Read More 

Bad Breath and Your Child: Causes and Ways to Help

If your child has a bad breath problem, his or her oral hygiene may be a cause. Foul-smelling breath, also known as halitosis, is disconcerting. For teens, it could be embarrassing. However, taking some extra hygiene steps could alleviate or lessen bad breath in your child. Continue reading to learn how and why bad breath develops and how to help your child maintain his or her dental health. How Poor Hygiene Causes Bad Breath Read More 

Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Do You Have Symptoms Of This Condition?

If you're an elderly individual who suddenly experiences stiffness, pain, and inflammation in your buttocks, hips, or thighs, ask a rheumatologist about polymyalgia rheumatic. Polymyalgia rheumatic ( or PMR) is an inflammatory disease that typically affects aging adults. Although PMR is painful, you can treat it with a rheumatologist's help. Learn more about polymyalgia rheumatic and its treatments below. What's Polymyalgia Rheumatica? Like other types of rheumatic conditions, PMR can cause severe inflammation in the body's joints, bones, and organs. Read More