The Important Decisions You’ll Need to Make for Your Parent’s Funeral

If you've had the unfortunate experience of losing a parent, you may now have to make some important decisions. Funeral planning is often difficult for family members because they're trying to grieve and come to terms with losing someone who means so much to them, but they have these decisions that need to be made one way or another. Although it may be difficult, there are a number of things you'll need to do to plan out that final goodbye for your parent. Read More 

What Can You Do To Speed Recovery After A Total Knee Replacement?

If you've recently scheduled a total knee replacement surgery, you may be feeling some anxiety about the recovery process even as you're looking forward to a more active lifestyle, free from the pain and stiffness that has been plaguing you for years. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take in conjunction with working with a physical therapist from a place like Advanced Physical Therapy that can go a long way toward maximizing the value of the therapy you receive. Read More 

The First Visit To A Physical Therapist

If you have recently been injured in an accident, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to help with your recovery. Physical therapy is applied by a licensed therapist who is trained to treat nervous system and musculoskeletal issues. Keep in mind that a physical therapist is not simply a technician. Instead, the medical professional must have a doctorate degree in order to become licensed. In addition, the therapist must complete an internship in a clinical environment. Read More 

Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is very serious, and it is not uncommon for patients to be very nervous prior to their surgery. Most people do not know a lot about brain surgery, so they don't know what to expect as they recover. Continue reading to learn more about common things that patients experience as they recover from brain surgery: Recovery Can Take a Long Time If you need to have brain surgery in the near future, it is important to realize that the recovery can take a long time. Read More 

Tips For Adjusting To Your New Wheelchair

Whether due to injury or illness, finding out that you're going to be wheelchair-bound is difficult. There are so many things affected when you transition to life in a wheelchair, and it can be difficult to know where to start as you try to adjust. Before you find yourself overwhelmed by the change, here are a few tips that can help make it easier: Choose Your Chair Carefully The first thing you'll have to do when you get the doctor's order is to pick out a chair. Read More